Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A note from Will

Hi folks,
Thanks for logging into "A Word in the World." As you know, I am in ministry at Northwood United Church in Surrey and as pastoral minister, things come up. Last week you will have noticed that I was at a leadership training event, and so I posted some material from that. This week we are grieving the loss of one of our long time members, and are holding another family through the loss of their 30 year old son and brother.
This is all to say that I have not had a chance to prepare the blog this week, and I won't get to it. Sorry. One of those weeks.
However, they say farmers are "next year" people, ever hopeful for a new crop and a better year. Ministers are "next week" people, ever hopeful for a saner week.
Grace and Peace to you,

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