Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Greetings Word in the World followers,

We have made it through a season of Celebration and we begin a new year. In our Scripture readings each Sunday that means that we are into the season of Epiphany this Sunday and looking for insight.

In September we launched this blog style bible discussion format as something of an experiment. The goal was to engage with people in discussions rooted in scripture but branching into our lives in the world. We had hoped that the online format would engage people who could not attend a bible study at the church, and that the format would inspire a different kind of reflection.

So, here we have a new year and an opportunity to look at this experiment anew. We would love your feedback on ways of doing online biblical discussion that would not only meet your needs but would engage others in reflection and discussion. What works well? What doesn't? What changes would enrich both the format and the content.

Over the next two weeks we will review this experiment and make changes. Please consider and offer feedback. I will be back with my biblical reflections on January 18th.

Peace, Will


  1. I guess I don't understand how to use this site.
    You say it's interactive.
    I've only been doing it on my own. I didn't know I could interact with you and the others.

  2. I love doing this. It gives me Bible Study at home (because I can't make it to Thurs. a.m. & Tues nights) and at the same time it makes Sunday's sermon even more meaningful. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

  3. Hi

    I have enjoyed the Blog format for Bible study. It assists me with personal bible study and I also get the chance through making comments on the site, and participation in the Thursday night Evening Edition, to discuss and reflect on specific points. The format and the focus on the week’s scriptures help to strengthen my understanding of the message in the sermon on Sundays. It’s no fun speaking to oneself (smile)on the blog, so it would be great if more persons posted reflections so that there is an opportunity to interact with others.