Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An ethic of the heart... and a little fire

I asked Scott on Sunday evening, "So what are your thoughts on the sermon from this morning?" Basically, he agreed with my biblical analysis and thought I stepped back from the more gut churning parts of Jesus' message. Fair comment. Take a look at the scriptures, the sermon and see what you think. Upon reflection I gave little air time to the provocative way Jesus was speaking. "If your hand offends, cut it off?" Really? "Consigned to hte fires of hell?" Really?
Yes, Jesus is saying following the rules is not enough. Not nearly enough! Having utterly righteous intentions is where he is going and he bates his opponents with wild speach. Yes, he is saying look to your heart for true righteousness, but he is saying it with a kind of fire in his eye that might be a little scary.

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